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Foo Flowers!

One of the great things about my new job is the time it affords me to pursue passions and hobbies. Over the last few years I've discovered that getting outdoors with a camera really turns my motor. I'm getting the hang of nature shots in natural light but shooting people still intimidates me. Things I remember to take along on a hike: camera, backpack, water, snacks, and an extra battery for my phone. Forgotten often: sunscreen. :-( The Carrizo Plain National Monument sits near the San Andreas Fault. Sandwiched between the Caliente Range to the south and the Temblor Range to the north, Soda Lake is the epicenter of a flower show each spring...especially after a wet winter. I spent about four hours today keeping my sedan from high pointing on unpaved roads around the lake. I thought for sure the best flowers would be off the beaten path. But as I was pulling back on to CA-58 for home I was surprised to find the best show right along the road. Wildflowers rock. The Foo Fighters rock. We'll mash them up to put it over the top! I'll have some stills shots up later. :-)

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